Mascot Contest

Announcing 2018 Senshi Con Mascot Contest!

Theme: A New Journey

The concept is to utilize elements (color, design, style, etc.) to convey “A New Journey”.  Examples of this can be found in animes such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One Piece, and countless Studio Ghibli movies.  If video games are more your cup of tea, examples of this theme can be found in the Legend of Zelda game series, Kingdom Hearts, and Journey.  

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please note: These are only guidelines, let your creativity shine! Please see contest restrictions below.


The Grand Prize Winner will receive one free booth space (10’ x 10’) at Senshi Con 2018. The space is for the full weekend. The Grand Prize Winner will be allowed to bring one another person to help manage their booth.

The Runner Up will receive a pair of 3 Day Badges to Senshi Con 2018.

The winning submission will be used in Senshi Con art and publicity material for the 2018 convention year, including but not limited to: the website, promotional flyers, posters, advertisements, merchandise, and badges.

Due date and time: Friday, June 15th, 2018 by 11:59 PM (AKST)

Winners will be announced: Friday, June 22nd, 2018 by 11:59 PM (AKST)

How to enter:

All entrants are required to complete the Wufoo Application.

If for any reason, you are unable to submit the Wufoo application (website error, glitch, etc.) you may submit your entries as stated below via email ( with the following items:

  • Submit files as attachments or provide a dropbox link to download the files
  • The full name of the entrant(s)
  • Your artist name, legal name, or nickname to display as credit on our website and within the program guide
  • A working email address where you can be contacted


Color: Full color

Resolution: 300dpi (or higher) filling an 8.5″x11″ sheet

File format: Any format (including web formats, Adobe formats, GIMP, and Inkscape). Lossless formats (such as PNG, PSD, or vector formats) are preferred.

Content: Two versions of your design, one “normal” version (adult or teen) and one chibi. The background must be transparent, if you would like to include a background graphic (optional) please submit your file with separated layers.

Summary of rules: (see fine print below for full rules)

Theme: Entries should draw inspiration from the 2018 theme “A New Journey”.

Composition: Each entry must contain both (1) an adult or teen mascot, and (2) a chibi mascot of the same character and style. Although typically the mascot is one person or character, it may be more than one, but the totality of the mascot must be drawn in both standard and chibi forms.

Intellectual property transfer: The winning entry, including any variations that have been or will be drawn of it, becomes the intellectual property of Senshi Con. Senshi Con may display all entries (not just the winner) in galleries or use them as extra art.

Original work: Entries must be solely the original work of the credited entrant(s). If a submission is completed by multiple entrants (ex: one artist completes the lineart, another does the coloring) they will be sharing the winning single booth space for Senshi Con 2018.

No prior publicity use: Entries cannot have been used by other organizations (such as mascots for other anime conventions) and cannot have any other copyright hold on them. For example, your submission cannot be an original Bleach or My Little Pony character.

Appropriateness: Entries must be appropriate for all ages. Senshi Con is a family friendly event.

Multiple entries and re-entering: An entrant can enter multiple, completely unique entries. An entrant can update an already submitted entry, replacing its prior version as long as all re-submissions are submitted before the deadline.

Discussion about entries: No one can use the forums to talk about specific entries until voting has ended. Please also refrain from posting your own submission online until after the winner has been announced, after which you may post your entry, provided it contains a link back to the Senshi Con website or Facebook page.

Deadline to Submit an Entry: June 15, 2018, 11:59PM (AKST).

Click the Mascot Application  to apply for the contest.

Contest administration summary: (see fine print below for full rules)

  • All entries will be confirmed as they are received.
  • Voting will be performed online by Senshi Con staff with the entries anonymized.
  • Voting will use the Schulze method, a ranked voting system.
  • Once voting is closed a gallery of submissions will be posted publicly to the Senshi Con Facebook page before the winner is announced.
  • The winner will be announced online on our website, Facebook, and other social networks.
  • If we receive a large number of entries, we may pre-screen them. (We haven’t needed to do this yet, and our ranked voting system accommodates large numbers of entries, but we will, if needed.)
  • Senshi Con, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any entry, modify the contest once it is underway, or even after it closes, if unforeseen circumstances require it. (For example, extend the due date if we don’t get enough entries, repeat the contest, or even throw the contest out if we lose data). If this happens, due care will be taken to follow the spirit of the rules and be as fair as possible to all entrants.

The fine print:

All rules stated above apply. Additionally, these rules in the “fine print” section apply, and take precedence if they address the same issue as the above in more detail, or are found to conflict with any rules stated above.

The winning entry becomes the intellectual property of Senshi Corporation, including alternate variations or derivative works of the winning entry that the artist may have already drawn or may later draw (whether or not by request of Senshi Corporation). Therefore, all entrants commit to this possibility at the time of entering.

Once a winner has been announced, this commitment is relieved for all non-winning entries in the contest.

Winning entrants retain any rights they have to display, copy, distribute, and sell their winning art for strictly personal purposes (no publicity purposes), provided the entrants do not imply or state that they represent Senshi Con, and provided that the pieces of art distributed or displayed are not implied to be or represented as official pieces of Senshi Con merchandise, unless Senshi Con has authorized such activities.

Entrants give perpetual, irrevocable permission for Senshi Con to display their entries in galleries and to use the entries as ancillary art in program, signage, and publicity material produced for the 2018 convention, and to continue to publish and make available copies of these materials in perpetuity, whether or not those entries win the contest.

Entries must be original work, and solely the work of the entrant or entrants.

Entrants must be authorized and able to assign ownership of the entry to Senshi Con, and to grant Senshi Con permission for the described uses, per the above rules describing such.

More than one person may contribute jointly to an entry, but all people must be identified in the submission and will be considered entrants.

Entries must not have been previously used for publicity purposes by any organization or person. (It is acceptable, however, if the entry was previously or is currently displayed in a gallery; for example, a portfolio of that artist’s work.)

Entries must be appropriate for all ages. Content, design, and themes of the entries must be appropriate and suitable for their intended uses, including their use as publicity for Senshi Con, at the discretion of the convention staff or the Board of Senshi Corporation.

Entries displayed for voting in the contest must be anonymous, and not have identifying marks (no signatures or watermarks). All displayed entries will be credited to their entrants after the close of voting. Entrants, if they wish, may submit a second version containing a signature or marks which will be used for future display in contest galleries.

Entrants must not discuss or link to their entries in the contest on Senshi Con social media, private messages, mailing lists, or other Senshi Con communication systems, or bulk messages of any form to staff, until we have announced that a winner has been determined.

(Non-entrants are also obligated to obey this rule, as a rule of the forums.) This is to help ensure fairness in the voting.

An entrant may enter more than once, but each design must be completely unique from others by the same entrant. (If two different people had produced them, and neither could be said to be copying from the other, then the two entries will be considered “unique”. Otherwise, not.)

Entries received very shortly after the due time of 11:59:59PM may be accepted at our discretion, but if they are, we reserve the right to apply any type of penalty (or no penalty) at Senshi Con/Senshi Corporation’s sole discretion, including a penalty that affects how the voting is calculated.

Voting is open to staff who have officially registered (submitted signed form, paid dues, been approved and ratified, and any other applicable staff membership policies in place) by the start of voting. Staff registering after this point may still vote if we enter their data before the close of voting.

Voting will be done online shortly after the close of voting. Voting will be performed using the Schulze method. In this method, voters rank their choices in order rather than selecting just one. There are many systems of ranked voting which compute the winner differently from each other. The method used here, the Schulze method, has been selected because among all known ranked voting systems, it encourages voters to rank their choices in their true order of preference, rather than using “strategic voting”. For example, in a voting system in which voters only select one choice, voters would be discouraged from picking their true favorite if they didn’t perceive it to be popular, because it would be “wasting” a vote. However, with the Schulze method, it is almost always in each voter’s best interest to list their true preference order. Ultimately, this system makes it most likely that the true preference of the voters, as a group, is selected as the winner.

Entries which do not meet the criteria in the rules may be disqualified, and entrants not participating in the contest according to the rules may have their entries disqualified. If this is discovered after a winner is announced, the award may be revoked.

If an insufficient number of entries is received, an unsuitable entry is chosen in the voting, or if, for any reason, the voting cannot be completed, for reasons including, but not limited to: technical problems with the voting, loss or corruption of ballot data, or insufficient number of votes received, then the Senshi Con board reserves the right to extend the due date for entries, change the start or end dates of voting, annul the voting, run a new contest, or choose an entry as the winner. If, for any reason, the selected winner is not the winner determined by the voting, Senshi Con will release a statement identifying such fact.

Senshi Con reserves the right to add, remove, or modify rules, or make special allowances or changes to the contest, at its discretion, to resolve any unforeseen circumstances or problems which may arise, in the interest of ensuring fairness and seeing that the contest is completed according to the intent and spirit of the rules.

Adult & Chibi 2016 Senshi Con Mascot by Christine Keanaaina