Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Interested in joining Senshi Con as a volunteer?  This is a fantastic way to meet new people and join the convention community.  Without our volunteers the convention wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does, and we thank all of the volunteers that have helped make past conventions great.  Below you will find a description of each volunteer position. Click the “+” symbol  to find explanations for each position. Applications for 2018 will open later this spring. If you have questions please email Onee at volunteers@senshicon.org

Expectations for Volunteering:

  • Attend a couple orientation meetings.  These will help you understand your position better, get to know Senshi Con’s managers and assistants, and answer questions.  There will be mandatory orientation meetings also.
  • Must be 16 years old to volunteer. Some positions may require you to be 18 years old, such as admissions and security.
  • Must work a total of 9-10 hours for the convention. You are more than welcomed to work more hours.
  • Those who do not make it to their shifts or communicate with their manager or assistant will not be allowed to participate in future events and/or Senshi Con. Depending on the circumstances the volunteer might be escorted out of the Denai’na Convention Center.

Reason to volunteer with Senshi Con:

  • Learn the back-end of Senshi Con
  • Community hours for school, work, or non-profit group
  • Enjoy the rest of the convention before or after your shift
  • You have a great time and lots of fun!
SectionVolunteer Description
AdmissionsAdmissions volunteers will be the first contact for most con attendees. Volunteers will be processing incoming con attendees including those who preordered their tickets and those who are buying tickets at the door. It is important to have excellent customer service skills and be resourceful, professional, and friendly to ensure a positive experience for all attendees. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age; cashiering/money handling/customer service experience preferred.
Cosplay Repair RoomVolunteers in the cosplay repair room will be assisting cosplayers with tools and sewing machines. Problem solving skills and any alteration/crafting knowledge will help secure a volunteer’s spot in the cosplay repair room. Training will be provided on how to properly assist attendees and safe handling of all available equipment
EventsResponsibilities for events volunteers include: showing up on time, working scheduled shifts, being able to answer general questions and provide help when asked, directing and ushering lines, working as a stagehand, and other tasks as assigned.
Exhibitors HallIn the Exhibitors Hall, the top priority for volunteers is: early badge pick up/check in (Day Zero - Friday), load in (Saturday morning), load out (Sunday evening). Tasks for volunteers in the exhibitors hall include: setting up and labeling spaces for the exhibitors on Day Zero, Art Gallery set up (Day Zero/Sat. Morning), load in/out assistance, badge pick up, and distributing program guides (swag bags) to each exhibitor. Volunteers must be able to answer general questions about the convention (hours of operation, restroom locations, code of conduct, etc.). Exhibitor specific training will be provided after sign up.
GamingGaming will be split into 3 sections: PC, Console, and Table Top. Volunteers are encouraged to volunteer in the section that they are most interested in. Gaming volunteers will be helping with set-up, take down, and general maintenance of the Gaming Area throughout the convention.
PanelsVolunteers will make sure scheduled panels start and end on time. Volunteers will assist with the initial seating arrangement in the panel room(s) and must be available for any additional help the panelists need (additional equipment retrieval, water, etc.). Training will be provided to answer general convention questions and the complete panels schedule.
Task ForceThe goal of task force volunteers will be to ensure that Senshi Con’s Code of Conduct is being followed by staff and attendees. Members will be assigned to a Staff manager for a particular area such as: Events, Gaming, Admissions, etc. and given responsibilities as needed. All members must be over 18 years of age.