Tournament Registration



Wanna play? You must be registered for Senshi Con 2018 to have access to the Gaming Room.

For those who are interested in attending Senshi Con only for gaming, purchase a discounted Gamer Pass — this will allow you into the venue for access to the Gaming Room and Vendor Hall (1st floor) only.

When, Where, How Much?

Registration Period: You must sign up for each event during the registration period at the designated area of the Gaming Room. Sign up for PC tournaments at the PC area, console tournaments at the console area, etc. Registration for each event closes at its scheduled start time (See Schedule).

Free Tournaments: Any Senshi Con attendees may enter free tournaments by signing up at their designated locations and times. Winners of each event, and in some cases runners-up, will receive prizes provided by our sponsors.

Paid Tournaments: Events listed in the schedule as a Competitive Event requires an entry fee to participate. Cash only. Prize payouts will vary based on entrants. Competitive console tournaments are $5 per person per event. Competitive PC tournaments are $10 per person per event.

Pre-registration is optional, and will only be available on for certain events. Pre-registered participants will have instant online access to their brackets and tournament results via Smashgg. Competitive players who are locally ranked in their respective game will be considered for preferential seeding only if they pre-register; all door registrants will be randomly placed into their brackets. Sign ups will be available soon at

Senshi Con