Senshi Con 2020 AMV Contest

This AMV contest is an event for fans to showcase their creative talents in the form of animated music videos.  The contest is open to anyone from amateurs to professionals.  Your attendance is not required but strongly encouraged.

We will be showing teasers of the submissions throughout the online convention as short advertisements for the AMV Contest. The full submissions will be shown during the convention. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the competition. 

DEADLINE: Saturday, September 12th, 2020 at 11:59pm AKDT


  • Submission Duration Limit for AMV Entries: 1 minute minimum, 5 minutes maximum.
  • No more than 4 entries per person/group. 
  • The majority of your entry’s video must consist of animated or manga-styled content.
  • Content and context of entries must be suitable for a PG-13 audience


Entrants are to classify their entries under one of the following categories:

  • Action
  • Drama 
  • Comedy/Parody  
  • Musical
  • Romance


  • Best in Show
  • Best Technical Video
  • Best Concept Video
  • Viewers’ Choice

If there are not enough entries, the contest will change to a showcase and the awards update accordingly. For physical awards, a proxy may also be named to pick up awards and trophies for creator(s) not present in the state. If in-person pickup is not available, Senshi Con will work with the contestants to send awards to them. If you wish to name a proxy, you may add their name in your AMV entry submission or email should unforeseen circumstances prevent your attendance.

Official Contest Rules

  1. The duration of all AMV Entries must be 1 minute minimum to 5 minutes maximum.
  1. Entrants may submit up to four (4) entries.
  1. All entries must be the work of the person or group listed on their entry form. Entries found to have been plagiarized from other AMVs or related work will result in disqualification.
  1. The majority of your entry’s video content must consist of animated, computer generated, or manga-styled content. Consideration shall be given to other sources that fit the spirit of this event. (Ex. Cowboy Bebop, RWBY, Avatar, video games, and other examples.) 
  1. The audio content of all AMV entries must primarily be music. Entries with an excess of non-musical content (i.e. narration or dialogue) may be disqualified.
  1. Overlays may be grounds for disqualification. Exceptions may be made if the overlay is part of the video’s concept. Overlays include but are not limited to: subtitles, watermarks, text, studio logos, and references to other contests or graphic overlays. 
  1. The content and context of each entry must be suitable for a PG-13 audience. This includes (but is not limited to) gore, vulgar language, nudity, heavy sexual innuendo, and material that is demeaning or demoralizing to any person or groups of people.
  2. Minimum-effort entries may be denied or disqualified. A minimal effort entry is one that meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • The submission has large uncut segments of source material.
  • The accompanying music begins or ends mid-video for no apparent artistic reason.
  • A minimal effort title is provided (e.g. “My BHNA AMV” or “Joe’s AMV”).  
  • Entries that are poorly cut and/or edited
  • Entries that meet one or more of these criteria will be refused unless these issues have been resolved.
  1. Previously released AMV (i.e. shown publicly at other contests or on the internet) must not have been premiered prior to July 1st, 2020 in order to be eligible for this competition. This includes but is not limited to Youtube and other streaming services and uploading websites. 
  1. Entries must be technically sound as outlined below in Technical Requirements.
  1. Senshi Con Staff and contest judges are ineligible for this competition, but may submit entries to help fill time if needed.
  1. The AMV Contest Coordinators and judges are the final interpreters of all rules. Their decisions will be final.
  1. You unconditionally grant us eternal, irrevocable, and limitless permission to use, copy, share, and exhibit your submission(s) in any way including purposes and usages outside of and/or unrelated to this event, and you grant this permissions with no expectation of compensation, renumeration or any form of obligation from Senshi Con of any sort.


  1. We recommend that entries be submitted in MP4 or MKV formats, but WMV and AVI formats are also acceptable.
  2. Entry file sizes should be under 350MB. Any files over this size will be rejected and asked to either be resubmitted or will not be included in submissions. 
  3. We recommend inserting 3 to 5 seconds of empty black silence at the start and end of each entry. There needs to be no text, sound, or other related information during those 3 to 5 seconds. 
  4. A legible list of video and audio sources and the software used for editing must be included within the video. We recommend this list to be at the end, but it can be placed elsewhere within the video. 
  5. The following video/audio issues shall be considered technical flaws and may result in rejection:
  • Interlacing
  • Squashed or stretched aspect ratios or improper letterboxing/matting
  • Chunky/blocky video
  • Color banding (i.e. Color gradients caused by video re-compression)
  • Blurry video
  • Heavily aliased/jagged lines
  • Resolution for entries 
    • 1080p is the preferred resolution for all entries 
    • 720p is the minimum if using sources that were officially released on Blu-Ray or HD
    • 480p is the minimum if using sources that were never officially released in Blu-Ray or HD
  • The following audio issues shall be considered technical flaws:
    • Audible distortion
    • Levels that are overdriven or clipped
    • Levels that are too low. We recommend normalizing to -0.5db peak
    • Low sample-rate/bitrate
    • Audible discontinuities or jumps caused by flawed audio edits
    • Pitch-shifted or speed-adjusted audio (unless by obvious artistic necessity)

Entries that require a strange or unusual degree of difficulty to work with shall be considered technically flawed. 

If you have questions regarding these technical requirements, please contact us at

All entries must be in compliance with Section 107 of the Copyright Act, specifically the portions relevant to Fair Use provisions. For more information on Fair Use, please visit

Senshi Con asks, but does not require, all entries to be mindful of flashing or other similar effects that could trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy and other related conditions. We will let the audience know that viewer discretion is advised. 


To submit your entry(s), you will need to enter all the required information into the online form ( Each entry will require a separate submission form. Videos must be uploaded to a file sharing method as described in the entry form. 

If you are unable to submit your entry by any of the above methods, please contact so we can work out an alternative method.